The Only eVTOL Exhibition in Asia-Pacific

In order to optimize, integrate and innovate resources, and promote the high quality development of low-altitude economy,the 2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Expo will be held in Shenzhen, China from September 23 to 25, thus building a low-altitude economic development ecology. 200+ exhibitors and 10,000+ professional visitors from 20+ countries and regions will attend the exhibition. It focuses on the new forms of urban air mobility (UAM) in the future, civil manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft, and urban low-altitude logistics. What’s more, eVTOL design, materials, power and flight control system will also be discussed. This exhibition will be in the form of “two-day forums + three-day exhibition”, combined with the first-mover advantage of Shenzhen’s low-altitude industry, to create a platform for industry-university-research and market application and cooperation. All of these inject surging impetus into the high-quality development of low-altitude economy!
The 2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Expo will be the only exhibition dedicated to eVTOL machine design, material and manufacturing innovations to meet future commercial needs. 200+ exhibitors, including well-known complete machine manufacturers, low-altitude aircraft enterprises and supporting service providers, will conduct a three-day display of products, technologies and solutions, with an exhibition area of 10,000 square meters!
The Shenzhen eVTOL Conference which will be held at the same time is composed of main forum and four sub-forums, covering low-altitude economy, avionics, body material and structure, and power system. In other words, this show contains the whole eVTOL industry. Renowned academicians and 2,000+ guests from governments, major low-altitude enterprises, aircraft manufactures, civil aviation airworthiness certification centers, air traffic management bureaus, operators, associations, low-altitude travel solution providers, aviation research institutions, etc., will come to the scene.

Looking forward to future application scenarios, China’s eVTOL will lead the new low-altitude economic track

2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Expo comprehensively builds a brand exhibition for the entire industry chain of eVTOL R&D, production, manufacturing, and market application, which creates a significant platform for your company to promote brand and products and cooperate!





Low-altitude Enterprises


Countries and Regions


Exhibition Areas


Days of Exhibition


Days of International Forums




eVTOL OperationAir Traffic ManagementLow-altitude Flight Infrastructure Construction&Operation
Aircraft R&D and ManufacturingPower-train IntegrationAvionics&Cockpit
Self- DrivingNavigation SystemeVTOL Field Design
Flight SimulatorAircraft LightweightComposite Materials
Aviation High-power MotorSolid-state BatterySodium-ion Battery
Hydrogen Fuel CellBattery Management Technology

Intelligent Avionics

Intelligent Flight Management

Airframe Structure

Electric Aviation Technology

2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Conference
eVTOL Main Forum
Sub-forum: Avionics System
Sub-forum: Body Structure
Sub-forum: Power System
Sub-forum: Application Scenarios
Speakers (Confirmed and Invited)

Xiang Jinwu

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Beihang University

Fan Huitao

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Aviation Industry Corporation of China., Ltd

Yan Chuliang

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beihang University

Wang Shafei

Communication&Information System Specialist

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Shi Pengfei

Chief Engineer of GNC Division

Aviation Flight Automatic Control Research Institute

Wang Min


Guangzhou Branch of CAAC Airworthiness Certification Center

Gao Yuanyang

Director of the General Aviation Industry Research Center

Beihang University

Yang Zhigang

Chief Engineer

COMAC Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute

Pan Quan

Xi'an Key Laboratory of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Information Security

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Jin Wei

Research Director

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Development Center

Jiang Yutao

Vice President


Xie Jia

Vice President


Bai Zhiliang


Huayu Xianxiang Aviation Technology

Ji Yuhan

Chief assistant, senior engineer

AVIC Development Research Center

Qiu Shiguang

Deputy Chief Engineer


Wang Yingxun

Director of Unmanned Systems Research Institute

Beihang University

Jia Siyuan


Zero Gravity Aircraft Industry

Ding Yuanyuan


Xintian Zhixing (Tianjin) Aviation Technology

Xie Anyuan

Deputy Director, Intelligent Robot Research Center

Zhijiang Laboratory

Dong Zhuoning

Secretary of the Party Committee

Beihang University

Li Lantian

Navigation service center


Wang Weida

Vice President of the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

Beijing Institute of Technology

Jiang Jun

Founding Partner and CMO

TCab Tech

Sun Xiuwen

Deputy Chief Designer

AVIC Hafei

Liu Jiande

Member of the European Academy of Sciences

Hong Kong Institute of Higher Education Technology

Liu Gang

Director of aeronautical Research Institute

Zhejiang Academy of Transportation Science

Zhang Xuejun

Beihang University

Beihang University

Zhu Xiaobo

Deputy director CAAC

CAAC, Second institute

Sebastien Borel

chief commercial officer


Hiroyuki MURA

Chief Strategy Officer

SkyDrive Inc.

Joao Carmesini

Vice President of Industry

Eve Air Mobilty

Balkiz Sarihan

Head of Urban Air Mobility Airbus


Geoff Bower

Chief Engineer


Wei Lin


Civil Aviation Flight University of China

Zhang Xinfeng

Intelligent transportation Engineering Research Center

Zhejiang University

Shen Shuo

Chief Engineer

Accent (Tianjin) Flight Simulation Systems Co., Ltd.

Zhang Honghai


Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Jiang Yankun



Zhao Lijie

associate dean

Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute


Creator and CEO

nsky Company

Zhang Shuang

AVIC 631 Institute

Xi'an Aviation Computing Technology Research Institute of Aviation Industry

Cai Kaiquan


Beihang University

2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Expo 6 Exhibition Areas

  • Complete Machine Exhibition Area

  • Power Exhibition Area

  • Motor Exhibition Area

  • Material Exhibition Area

  • Avionics Exhibition Area

  • Others


Complete Machine Exhibition Area

Leading eVTOL Complete Machine Manufacturers at Home and Abroad.

Power Exhibition Area

Battery energy storage, power batteries, condensed batteries, power cells, battery packs, energy storage systems and charging infrastructure, solid-state batteries, lithium batteries, cylindrical batteries and pouch batteries.

Motor Exhibition Area

Propellers, motors, electronic controls, rotor systems, high-voltage components, motor cooling systems, thruster, vertical lifting motors, ESCs, REUs, permanent magnet synchronous motors, power-train integration, power systems, power kits, power system design schemes and eVTOL power system certification.

Material Exhibition Area

Component materials, fuselage shells, propellers, lightweight materials and composite materials, cockpits, structural parts, superconducting materials, SIC, lightweight fuselage materials, carbon fiber composite materials, amorphous materials, aviation glass.

Avionics Exhibition Area

Flight control, avionics, components&system integration, power distribution system, navigation equipment, 5G interconnection, navigation communication and flight control subsystem, airframe subsystems, power and energy subsystems, flight controllers, sensors, cameras, laser radar, magnetic compass and ultrasonic.


Safety system&certification, flight testing&validation services, instrumentation, software&testing, flight simulation, airworthiness certification, flight management, autonomous driving, testing and certification.


Investment Companies


Project Signings


Procurement Docking


Low-altitude Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Decision Makers

Establish Business Matchmaking

In this exhibition, you can expand contacts and promote the integration. More than 1,500 low-altitude outstanding enterprises will participate. In addition, the low-altitude series of forums will be attended by representatives of domestic low-altitude demonstration economic zones at all levels to gather in Shenzhen in the form of “forum + exhibition”.

Sharing of Information and Gathering of Masters

The 2024 Shenzhen eVTOL Expo and Conference invites industry guests and celebrities to focus on hot topics and help professionals explore the future market development through sharing and exchanges.